About Manifesting


As is now abundantly clear, “The Secret” left out missing keys to utilizing the Law of Attraction and manifesting.  “The Secret,” which wasn’t a secret at all, of course, gave people a foundation, but not the whole story, not all of the keys to manifesting.  There is so much more to the manifesting process than thinking positive thoughts, visualizing,  making vision boards,  goal setting, and even working toward those goals.

We sure enjoyed the hype, the hoopla, and the unbridled excitement of “The Secret” and its “magic panacea” teachings.  But come on.  What are these keys? What are the real secrets to manifesting and the Law of Attraction?

Why can’t we just think a thought, set an intention, put a lot of mental energy on it, and have it poof out into an earthly reality? Form follows thought, of course, so why not?  We can, actually, but in a limited way.  And we need to be in a certain alignment for that to be able to happen; to go from just thought to form.   And most people aren’t there.  It’s like going from A to Z and skipping everything in between.  So in that case, no amount of just a thought process is going end up with the desired result.

We hear so much about co-creating, aligning with purpose, and integrating mind, body, and spirit.  But we may not have any tangible grasp of how to do these things.  And these are some of the missing keys, but also not the entire picture.

The Law of Attraction is a universal Law.  It works!  But attracting is not the same as manifesting.  And the Law of Attraction is but ONE step in the process of manifesting.  We can think all of the positive thoughts we want and think about that which we want to attract and still have nothing happen.  Why not?

To manifest we need to learn to integrate and use the Law of Attraction the way it is meant to be used, and that is as a co-creating tool; as one step in the process of manifesting.   We need to learn to manifest from the place of “I AM” instead of from the place of “I WANT.”

You see, “I want” is very limiting. You’re creating limitation just by “wanting.”  The “I am” is a place of co-creating, alignment, integration, and synchronicity. It’s the place where you get form following thought almost instantaneously.

This seems so simple.  And it is.  But not learning to manifest from that “I am” space is what holds people up with their manifesting, for a few  reasons. . .