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Call me now! Call me now for a manifesting consultation. GET UNSTUCK! Let’s hone in on what’s in your way of manifesting the life of your desires. Let’s discuss where you feel stuck and most importantly, what you can do about it right this minute. Use this feature if you need a short consultation to get you going on the right track. $3.99 per minute. Your first three minutes are FREE. Call me now. This is NOT a psychic reading. It is a manifesting session. Spirit will tell me  where exactly you’re blocked and what you can do about it. Please do not ask me for a psychic reading.

Note: I will be setting up regular office hours for you soon and will post those here. Meanwhile, you can request a callback/appointment through the Click4 service window and I will receive it and respond.

Do you feel like you need more than a few minutes? CLICK HERE FOR A 30 MINUTE SESSION.

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