Excerpt from Money and Manifesting II – Cont.

Floor of entitlement

Crawling around on the floor of entitlement

At its base, simplistic form entitlement says that the world owes you something, or someone or something owes you something. Partly it’s based on the misguided notion that whatever you think you’ve put out there is going to come back to you (after all, that is what we have been taught about karma), and come back to you in a certain way – often in a way in which you dictate. But the truth is that while you can definitely try, you cannot ultimately tell the universe what to do.

Entitlement often says you’ve been wronged in some manner and so you are entitled to receive a, b, c. It says, “I’ve paid my dues or paid for whatever, and now I am owed such and such in return.” It’s easy for us to get stuck there because we are taught from very early on “we get what we pay for.”

It’s a pretty screwed up value system actually, because that is not necessarily true. And it does not necessarily create the equitable foundation of “fair exchange of energy” that is a necessary ingredient in all of effective manifesting. But that viewpoint of how energy supposedly works is deeply, deeply ingrained through many layers in our collective consciousness.

We do have an entire legal/justice system based upon these “owed” and “owing” concepts. I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m saying that if you find yourself stuck in life, creating the same miserable situation over and over again, then look to the underlying belief systems that led you there. From there it is your choice whether or not you want to keep creating more of the same or change the vibration and the pattern and attract something totally different.

As well, entitlement is very often confused with “opening to receive,” or just plain “receiving.” Entitlement says “I am entitled to receive.” And that’s where the trouble starts.

Those steeped in entitlement pretty much have no idea that they are stewing in that brew, partly because they are entitled, and partly because well, it just very simply works for them. Entitlement creates a framework in which the “receiver” over and over again creates a scenario of victimhood, all the while believing they are not a victim, yet fully expecting to be saved and/or compensated for the imbalance or “wrongs.” And there are usually plenty of people who are willing to engage in the “saving.”

And so on and on the pattern of entitlement goes, until one day – particularly true for anyone on the path of the “light worker” – the entitlement door gets more and more narrow and the energy no longer is resonant with the required transformation.

Man of EntitlementWhether we want to hear this or not, the bottom line is that entitlement is a person having a tantrum which often sounds like this:

“I’ve helped so many people…”


“I’ve given a lot of whatever, and so I am entitled to sit here and receive (or take) from others no matter who it is or what it costs them.”


“It’s my turn.”


“The universe takes care of me because . . .”

And it’s the “because” that is the operative word in this equation. The truth is that the universe takes care of all. It does not take care of you because you have done or performed x, y, or z.

Truly, unless we are a helpless infant, we are entitled to nothing, and we are completely responsible for our choices and what we choose to create in our lifetimes as a consequence of those choices.

On a spiritual level and as a collective, we are being asked now to grow up whether we want to or not. We are being asked to examine our patterns at the base and do something about them. What worked in childhood does not work in maturity. We are being asked to rise above. We are being asked to transform the lower into the higher on all levels. And the truth is that we can transform absolutely nothing from the space of crawling around on the floor of entitlement. We must stand and walk.

Entitlement says a lot of things. What do you say?

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Dyan Garris is the former owner of the spiritual website Voice of the Angels.com, as well as the founder and former owner of The Sedona Psychic Fair, The Phoenix Psychic Fair, and The Tucson Psychic Fair Holistic Expo. She is a natural born psychic medium, multiple award nominated New Age recording artist, and award winning finalist author of several self help books including Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II.