Excerpt from Money and Manifesting II

Mony and Manifesting II

Money and Manifesting II by Dyan Garris is an award winning finalist in the USA Best Book News Awards


Having trouble manifesting money? Discover once and for all what’s really in your way of manifesting money.  Dyan Garris, author of the best-selling and award winning finalist, “Money and Manifesting,” takes your manifesting to the next level in the sequel “Money and Manifesting II.”

Here you find out which deep-seated, repetitive patterns are in your way at the root level, and most importantly how to unblock them and move forward.

What is at the root is crucial because the energy of money resides in the root chakra, and the root is what feeds the plant. Clogged root = money trouble.

As well, pick up the thread of the story of the characters from “Money and Manifesting.” Find out what they are up to now, meet some new and entertaining characters, and learn what they have to teach you about your money and your manifesting.

“Money and Manifesting II” is an intriguing, sexy romp through the patterns and dynamics that keep you stuck, and along with a little murder plot in the mix, includes:

> What’s wrong with the Law of Attraction?
> What do wealthy people know that you don’t know?
> Creating your life from who you are
> How to make healthy boundaries
> Self-sabotage and how to overcome it
> What does food have to do with money?
> How to move forward out of fear and into a position of power


Are You Stuck in Entitlement?

Feeling stuck lately? It’s possible that you are stuck in entitlement. Here’s what entitlement is and how to get out of it.

What is entitlement and how do you identify it? Entitlement is a deeply seated belief system. And it’s one of the patterns that can keep us from manifesting and from manifesting money, in particular.

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