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Are you having trouble manifesting? Are you having trouble manifesting money? Whether you’re trying to manifest a relationship, manifest money, or anything else, it can be challenging if you don’t understand how energy works. If that’s you, you can end up pushing away the very thing that you are trying to manifest.

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If you are having trouble manifesting, consider this:

Excerpt from Money and Manifesting: How to Transform Energy and Get  What You Want

Let’s say that more than anything you want to manifest a relationship. (This could be anything, however – money included.) Let’s use balloon imagery as an example of how to transform energy and get what you want.

Whatever you are trying to manifest, intentions must first be set. Get a firm picture of your desires in your mind. Then take a balloon, fill it with helium, and tether it to a string. Take a big black marker and write the word “Relationship” on it, or whatever it is that you think you want. Just write what you want on the balloon.  Tie it securely to your ring finger and try to go about your day. You now have a “relationship.” Now try to get dressed.

As an integral part of manifesting anything, we must let go of things rather than hold on to them too tightly. To do so hampers our progress. We must let go so that these things can fly as high as they need to and THEN return to us as form made manifest. If we hang on, nothing can transform or change.

Now, depending on your thought process patterns, you may fully expect that if you let go, the balloon will return to you as a deflated piece of rubber. That is possible if you, (a) keep it tied to your finger for such a long period of time that it loses its helium, and (b) fool yourself into thinking you are truly releasing it, as you release it only into the confined space of a particular room in your house.

However, also depending on your thought process, you may know that once you let it go where it needs to go, say up to the heavens, it returns in a different form, and most probably NOT as a deflated piece of rubber that hits you in the face on its way back to you.

So now you have a choice between the need to control and trust in the transformation process. Where is your balloon? There is an option to completely give up on the balloon ever flying high and transforming, which some people opt for when they figure out that the balloon isn’t going anywhere if it remains tied to their finger. But what most people refuse to face in this situation is that if they just let go they could have what they desire. So instead they give up, which essentially equates to having a tantrum. This doesn’t do anything whatsoever to assist in the transformation process.

In this instance, whether or not you face it, you are in your own way. In this instance what you think you want and your need to control is keeping you from getting what you desire. You have to let go in order for transformation to occur. To hang on limits the way this returns to you. You don’t want it to return as a balloon, do you? You want what you wrote on the balloon to manifest.

Before you let it go, it is just what it is – a thought, a desire, written on something you are attached to. It is by letting it go and giving it freedom to fly that you give it the opportunity to transform.

Once you do let go completely, do not be attached to the outcome. Do not go flying around looking for the balloon. Do not try to follow the balloon into the sky or attempt to control where it goes. Do not give the balloon instructions on how to get where it is going or what it is supposed to do when it gets there. Allow whatever you have manifested – put forth in thought, intention, word, and action – to come back to you, not as a flat one or two-dimensional concept but as true form.

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