How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

How to Create the Life of Your Dreams: Creating Your Life From Who You Are by Dyan Garris

When learning how to create the life of your dreams, often we are told, “Follow your passion and the rest will follow.”  But this is not necessarily true. There are plenty of “starving artists” out there who can relate to this. And there are plenty of people who follow their passion right into bankruptcy. Don’t get me wrong. We need passion. But it’s only part of the bigger picture.

In the transitional time we find ourselves living in now, we are being challenged not only to follow our passion, but to connect it with something.  We are being challenged to come into alignment. Passion cannot exist long by itself. It needs a partner. You cannot create a child only with the power of your mind, your creativity, and your positive thinking. We need to learn to co-create.

What Do You Mean Co-Create?

The term “co-create” has been bandied about for the last few years, but it is a term that is widely misunderstood.  To co-create you must be willing to come into alignment with your “I am.” It’s another term that’s been thrown around but no one tells you what that really is either.

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Connect the Dots

To have your life come together into your own bigger picture, to create the life of your dreams, you must connect the dots. Every child looking at a “connect the dot” picture knows this. If you don’t draw the actual lines between 1 and 2 and 3 and so forth, you’re just staring at a bunch of dots on a page. They appear to be random dots on a page that have no real form.  It’s when you start connecting them together in a linear fashion, that you end up with and discover the real picture, the real form, the form that has the power to lead you to being able to create the life of your dreams. That is the both the challenge and the joy.

While you are residing in this physical form on this earthly planet, the keys to connecting those “dots” are in your chakras. You are being challenged to connect those energies, let go of anything that blocks the pathway of that connection, and then multi-dimensionally integrate your mind, body, and spirit.  Seem daunting? It’s not hard. It’s a process. The other choice is to keep staring at dots on a page wondering where the flesh of your life is.

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