Intuition Training

Intuition TrainingLet’s face it. You’re intuitive. You are. Maybe you’re a healer, teacher, author, empath. You’ve got something to say. Or maybe you aren’t any of those and you just want life to get better and can’t seem to find the way forward. And along with any and all of that maybe you’re psychic as well (which is not the same as being “intuitive”).

The key to finding your way forward is through your intuition.

But chances are, regardless of your situation, nobody has truly helped you hone in on this gift of intuition. No one has helped you learn how to develop this innate skill and use it to move yourself forward.

But that’s why we have intuition.

It’s part of the mind-body-spirit connection that I’m always talking about. We need this connection in order to have effective manifesting. We do. So if you’re here, it’s time to get your intuition integrated into who you are and get it functioning as a working part of yourself. There is no reason to feel lost or stuck.

As part of this intuition training, I can help you with this.

I will be able to tell you where you’re stuck and why you’re stuck.  Sometimes it’s karmic, sometimes it’s part of your sacred contracts, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s about being stuck in generational and soul group patterns. And sometimes it’s about being stuck in your own patterns, judgments, and linear mind though processes.  But as part of your intuition training I am going to be able to look and I will be able to tell you what’s there and guide you forward.

However, do not mistake this for a psychic reading.

This program is “Intuition Training.” A psychic reading can help you in a lot of good ways and on a lot of levels. However, my goal with this Intuition Training program is to help you get unstuck on the deeper levels so that you can move forward feeling empowered and confident.

Here’s part of what you’ll learn:
  • How to tell the difference between your intuition and what your linear mind is telling you.
  • How to overcome the fear of being “wrong.”
  • How to allow yourself to connect with your intuition.
  • How to trust your intuition.
  • How to allow your intuition to guide you to your purpose.
  • How to stand confidently in your own truth and intuitively create your life in accordance with your purpose.
  • How to connect your mind, your body, and your spirit so they function as an integrated unit.

For a limited time, my Intuition Training program is only $397. The program is a total of 3 sessions with me, each lasting approximately 1 hour. These are done in a private conference room. After payment, we will schedule our three appointments. So look for an email from me. I will then set up our private conference room and email you the number to call and your private access codes.


After payment, you will be directed to a confirmation thank you page with further instructions. Thank you! I look forward to working with you.