Manifesting Podcast

jenningswire_banner_logo_2015EIGHT MINUTES THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Recently, I was invited to do a brief podcast about manifesting for nationally known Annie Jennings PR. It’s 7 minutes that we believe you will find very helpful.

Dyan Garris is a New Age recording artist and best-selling author of several self-help books including Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II. She shares with us the missing link to manifesting that will help you discover your heart’s desires.

The Real Secrets of Manifesting

  • Why is there something missing from the way manifesting has been taught? What is it?
  • What are your chakras? How do they help in this process?
  • What does the root chakra have to do with manifesting?
  • How can people start effectively manifesting right now? What tips do you have?