Reviews and Testimonials

Dyan's Book is a Winner

Dyan is right when she says in her book "Money and Manifesting" that thinking positive and saying affirmations isn't enough. One can't simply paste a "quick fix" onto a multi-faceted self that may have core issues with itself, meeting goals, and harnessing the power of money.  But never fear, learning the "rest of the story" about abundance, financial or otherwise, doesn't require a PhD.  Dyan explains the process clearly and with good humor.  I'm enjoying her book a lot and hope others will discover its value. ~  Trick Falls

All Questions Answered
Finally - a beautifully written book that clearly answers all questions about money and manifesting! For those not familiar with Dyan Garris - Dyan has spent her lifetime using her special gifts to help others, and the goal of this book is to teach you how to put it all together yourself. A great gift for anyone interested in manifesting success! ~ A.R.R.

If you've found little nor no success working with such concepts as the law of attraction as discussed in books like The Secret, there's a reason. As Garris explains in the compact, easy-to-read book, you're missing part of the story. Positive thinking and affirmations are not enough. We need to clear the energy flow through our chakras; it's easy and she explains how.  And, perhaps more importantly, we must discover any lurking "issues" with the very things we desire in our lives. That is, if we were brought up thinking it's bad to want money, then that notion may be blocking our efforts to bring money into our manifested world.  Both an enjoyable book and one with principles and practical meditations that work.  ~  Malcolm R. Campbell "The Sun Singer"

You see, I read your book, and ever since I read it and put the manifesting tools and techniques to good use…WOW my business has tripled as well as my speaking engagements, musical performances, sessions and radio and video interviews. It changed everything for me! I’m getting at least 1 to 2 or 3 session a day…pretty much everyday. Thank you for writing that book! ~ SWB

Dyan Garris has written a powerful book filled with clear explanations and simple directions on how to manifest that which your heart desires, be it wealth, a great relationship, health or something else.  What sets this book apart from many others is the clarity of the overall message. Ms. Garris explains in concrete terms what one needs to understand and do as well as why people who are doing affirmations, visualization techniques, and meditating, which are all good things, may not be succeeding in achieving their goals and what they also need to do and best of all, how to do it. There's no unnecessary filler to wade through. This is a fast, delightful, and powerful read.  ~ Denise Bridgens

Another great "must read" book by Dyan Garris
Dyan Garris has created another bestseller in Money & Manifesting II. You may never think about money the same way again after reading this book. She has artfully created a work that will make you think of manifesting on both the conscious and subconscious levels through engaging fictional "character" stories that show situations you can learn from and apply to your life. Filled with a plethora of ideas that will keep you turning the pages, this book is one that you'll find hard to put down. There is a soul truth to her words because they come from a place of higher consciousness. As you read this book, pay close attention to the subtleties within for that is where the greatest lessons are and apply these ideals to strengthen your own root chakra and enhance your life. ~  Melissa Alvarez

This book is simply amazing, it is easy and pleasant to read, never boring and full of Wow-moments. It really opened doors for me and helped me to clear clutter and misinterpretations. It is a no-nonsense book and is absolutely worth having! ~ Celine

This book to me is absolutely groundbreaking, as it does not follow so many other manifesting books or ideas. This read actually goes to the core of manifesting and offers wonderful techniques that are easy to follow, but even more, that work! So glad It found it's way to me. My life is ever changed by it.  Keep shining....can't wait to read the next one! ~SWB

One of a Kind
This book will keep you in suspense and not wanting to put it down! Dyan Garris is such a beautiful soul and is truly one of a kind. She gives great insight in understanding the energy of our chakras and how it underlies manifesting your success! ~ Sarah