What’s So Different About Money and Manifesting – Continued

Money and Manifesting – Cont.

the underpinnings of balance.  Information is processed with our linear mind, while art, music, and stories, movies, and the like, are processed on an emotional level.  In both Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II,  we have a fictional story wrapped around information.  This particular format allows the brain to go from intellect to emotion.

Processing back and forth this way paves the way for automatic left brain–right brain integration.  And we need that integration as a foundation for manifesting.  Remember, you cannot “do manifesting” here on this planet yet with just your mind. You must also involve the emotional bodies. How about that?

No, I am not a doctor, physicist, or rocket scientist.  I am a metaphysician and I just know a lot about how energy works here. And I know how to integrate and manifest in alignment.  I would like to teach it to you. It’s easy.


Now, another thing that makes both Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II different is that within the fictional story, each of the seven characters represents a pattern and a chakra blockage.

Patterns that keep you stuckPatterns are extremely important when you’re trying to understand how to manifest.  There are many patterns that keep us stuck, and we may not even realize it. And chakras are part of the emotional body that we now know we need to engage in order to be able to manifest effectively.

When you are entrenched in your patterns, patterns that keep you stuck, there’s a tendency to engage in them automatically without thinking about what you’re doing.  So we sometimes can’t even see what is blocking our way forth.  It is always much easier for us to see the “log in someone else’s eye,” than it is to see the “log jam” in our own.

When you can see yourself, and the patterns that keep you stuck, from a different perspective – from a reflection, and one that’s processed on an emotional body level – you then have the power to make important changes.  You have an automatic platform for dramatically shifting our paradigm.  Sometimes it’s just being able to SEE how and where we are in our own way that can bring about almost instant change and progress.