What’s So Different about Money and Manifesting

Manifesting Money and How the Energy of Money Works. What is So Different About This Book?

Money and Manifesting. How to Manifest.

Award Winning Money & Manifesting

What’s really missing from “The Secret?” How the energy of money works.

At the time I wrote Money and Manifesting originally in 2008, and even when I did the 2nd printing in 2010, there weren’t many books on the subject yet.  People were enthralled with “The Secret.”  I was appalled.  I knew it was not the whole story and I knew the happy bubble would eventually burst eventually, just like the housing bubble.

We can’t live in a bubble and we can’t manifest effectively in the space of “I want.”  We have to learn how energy works here on this planet. And that very much includes the energy of money. Once you have that you have a whole lot of keys that will start opening the doors of your life.

Money and Manifesting  and Money and Manifesting IIboth award winning finalists are very different than any other books you will read on the subject.  What makes them so?  One difference is that these are designed for “automatic shift.”  What does that mean exactly?  Let’s delve:

By the very nature of our physicality – meaning we are in physical bodies here – we have intrinsic duality consciousness. Part of duality perception is that we feel separate from Spirit, God, Universe, whatever you would like to call it.  Part of that is that we feel separate from our in-dwelling spirit. We may feel like spirituality is something we practice rather than it being an integral part of our “selves.”

However, here is something to think about:  Is the tree separate from the leaves? Is the tree separate from the roots?  No.  Leaves and roots have a separate functions and purposes. Yet, they are part of the whole tree. A healthy tree functions as an integrated unit.

The physical body is designed to work together in harmony with all of its parts. WE are meant to work together. And we are designed to co-create, both biologically and with our “selves” aligned with the Universe.  Not one of us is separate and there isn’t one part of us that is separate from the whole.

We chose to experience this earthly life inside of this earthly body on this earthly planet. So it would be really good and helpful if we simply learned how energy is designed to flow here, and most importantly, how to work with that.  We can take our leads from all of nature.

Mony and Manifesting II

Money and Manifesting II by Dyan Garris

Now what is meant by “automatic shift?”

Part of it goes like this: By our very natures, we have our left brain and our right brain.  Simply put, one side is for processing emotions and the other side is for processing data and input in a linear fashion.  When both  sides of the brain work together in harmony we have…

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